We have some fantastic news to share with you! The city of San Francisco recently voted to ban the sale of non-rescue dogs and cats at local pet stores. This ban is in an effort to stop puppy mills, large-scale commercial dog breeding facilities and to also help find homes for the thousands of animals that enter shelters each year. Well done, San Francisco!

The legislation was introduced by District 4 Supervisor Katy Tang and was unanimously voted to amend the city’s health code February 14th, 2017. This new rule will only allow the sale of dogs and cats from animal rescue groups or shelters at pet stores. Also, animals younger than eight weeks old cannot be sold.

The legislation also requires pet shops to maintain records of where each dog and cat came from and label the animals’ cages with this information. This is wonderful news for animals and we can’t wait until all of the United States gets on board!

“We really do believe that it will send a great message not just in San Francisco but across California, nationwide and hopefully worldwide,” Tang said at a board meeting.

“This ordinance will serve as a deterrent, preventing a business from moving into San Francisco and selling animals from irresponsible mass-producing breeders that churn out puppies and kittens as if they were on an assembly line,” Tang wrote in an editorial with representatives from the Humane Society of the U.S. and local animal care agencies. The San Francisco SPCA called the decision “great news!” and San Francisco Animal Care and Control also supported the legislation. Together the two groups adopt out more than 6,300 animals a year, working in partnership with local pet stores.

With six to eight million animals entering U.S. shelters ever year, but only three to four million getting adopted, San Francisco is setting the standard on how to fight puppy mills.

Please always spay and neuter your pets and urge your friends and family to do the same. For more ways on how you can get involved to help save animals, click here. And be sure to share this great news with your friends and family!

In-text Image Source: Katy Tang/Facebook 

Lead Image Source: Griszka Niewiadomski/Free Images