The fur industry is one of the cruelest imaginable. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) estimates that millions of animals are killed each year to make fur coats, scarves, and a myriad of other accessories. In addition to breeding animals for fur in farms, other animals are caught in wild traps for their pelts. Some of the animals destined for fur coats, boot linings, and other fashion accessories include raccoon dogs, rabbits, foxes, mink, chinchillas, dogs, cats and more. Sadly, once in processing facilities, they are kept in wire cages until they face death through a variety of means, all of which are chosen to avoid damaging the animal’s valuable fur, including gas chambers and neck breaking.

Thankfully, many people worldwide are realizing just how brutal the fur industry is and don’t want to support it. Many people who decide to live a cruelty-free lifestyle then don’t know what to do with the fur coats and items in their household. Rather than let the fur sit in the attic, many are donating the fur to orphaned animals. Neat idea, right?


This is the idea behind Born Free USA’s “Fur for the Animals” donation drive. The non-profit organization, whose mission is to “end the suffering of wild animals in captivity, rescue individual animals in need and protect wildlife in their natural habitats,” collects coats, hats, and other accessories made of animal fur annually. They just completed their third drive and now the pieces are being distributed to the many orphaned wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centers across the United States. The orphaned animals sure seem thankful – check out the photos below!

The four-month- long donation drive collected a whopping 1,615 fur items from around the world to distribute to U.S. wildlife rehabilitation centers and sanctuaries. 

The fur items will now bring familiar warmth, comfort, and enrichment to orphaned, injured, and rescued wildlife. Just like this adorable baby skunk! 

Born Free USA reports that the number of fur donations quadrupled from last year’s total. This year’s donations are valued at an estimated $3.7 million and represent approximately 53,000 animals who died for these products.


Born Free USA also received several vintage items made from imperiled and threatened species, which they will keep in order to raise awareness about the cruel international wildlife trade.

“Fur for the Animals allows people to give up their fur in a profound and satisfying way, repurposing these garments with positive effect: for animals,” said Adam M. Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA.


These baby squirrels sure do seem to love their warm, cozy fur blanket! Animals are the only ones who should wear fur anyway, so we’re glad they’re enjoying it.

We love seeing the results of this innovative project to recycle fur items for the better. To learn more about the Fur for the Animals project, check out the Born Free USA website and Facebook page.


Please always choose fur-free clothing when shopping. Check out all of these awesome companies that have chosen to commit to going fur-free in their designs. Together we can end this cruel industry!

Take action to protect animals from the fashion industry! 

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All image source: Born Free USA/Flickr