There’s something about special needs animals that awes and inspires us. Whether it’s their never ending tenacity in the face of hardship or their ability to be joyful despite their trauma, we are constantly motivated to fight harder for their protection every time we get a story like this.

We’d like you to meet the adorable little gumdrop that has stolen our hearts, Alfie! This little lady was rescued by Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control at just five-weeks-old. She was found with malformed back legs and missing paw pads. It is unclear how this happened, but her rescuers think is it due to an unknown trauma.


Despite the pain that she must be in, she’s constantly overflowing with energy and is active from the moment she wakes up to the second she goes to sleep. In the short period of time she’s been in the shelter, she’s managed to win over everyone she comes into contact with … once you see her, we’re sure you’ll understand why.

Meet Alfie: when she isn’t cuddling with one of the staff members at her shelter, she cuddles with her favorite stuffed bear.

 She’s still a little too young for surgery so once she is big enough, the extent of her injuries will have to be assessed. Don’t worry about her, though, Alfie is one of the most resilient kitties around!

Alfie doesn’t let her injury stop her from doing anything she wants to do.  She’s still just as spry and agile as any other kitty her age. In fact, she’s actually able to outrace some of the other kitties in the shelter that have all four legs intact!

As you can see, Alfie is effortlessly gorgeous. In addition to that, she’s high-energy and loves people, making her a great candidate for a loving home with lots of people!



Alfie is going to need a forever home after her back legs are taken care of by the vets. Sadly, it can be difficult to find homes for special needs animals, but Friends Of Chicago Animal Care and Control is determined to find her a loving forever home. You can help Alfie along the way by sharing her story and inspiring others to consider adopting a special needs pet. All animals deserve a warm, loving home!


All image source: Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control