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If someone were to call you a “bird-brain” would you take it as an insult? If your answer is yes, you should probably reconsider. Although birds, (like chickens), are commonly stereotyped as being stupid or “scatter-brained,” this is hardly the case! Chickens, for example, can learn to solve puzzles, respond to their names and count numbers just like people can. However, despite their enormous intellect, chickens are rarely seen as anything other than non-feeling “food” animals. When we start to recognize and acknowledge a chicken’s intelligence, it becomes much more difficult to continue to see them in this light.

Which is why in honor of International Respect for Chickens Day we’d like to introduce you to Little Miss Sunshine. This very special chicken is a former battery hen who was rescued by Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary. Since her rescue, Little Miss Sunshine has been given the chance to demonstrate and expand her amazing brain. In this video, she shows her ability to count, helping to send the message that all chickens “count” (see what they did there?).

So remember, next time someone calls you a “bird-brain” just say thank you!