In Thailand, elephants are greatly endangered by poaching and the tourism industry. Due to these two cruel industries, countless elephants are captured from the wild and sold into a life catering to the will of their keepers who force them to paint or carry tourists. While this is a sad fate, the alternative of being poached for their tusks is even worse.

These two industries have left many young elephants as orphans, who are highly susceptible to being poached or sold into the tourism industry themselves. Thankfully, there are a number of organizations working to protect elephants from succumbing to this, one of which being Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park. This particular sanctuary specializes in caring for orphan elephant calves.

The elephant calf featured in this video is a new arrival to the sanctuary. The new calf, Khun-Dej, is welcomed by the herd with open arms … err, trunks! This little calf is probably still a bit scared and sad after losing his mother, but he is in good hands at Elephant Nature Park. Watching how the other elephants crowd around and offer their trunks for elephant kisses is so heartwarming. Good luck in your new home Khun-Dej!