It is true what they say about rats – they are uncannily intelligent little creatures and that is only one of the fascinating and wonderful characteristics of this species. Sadly, those facts are perpetually overshadowed by the general opinion people have of rats – labeling them as dirty pests better to never see, let alone touch… This harmful and untrue opinion is really due for a change.

Rats not only have a great intelligence but also excellent memory – once they learn something, there is very little chance they will ever forget it. They are exceptionally curious but also don’t like confrontation and stay away from potential threats – they would always choose flight over a fight. They can think critically and even solve puzzles. When it comes to the accusation of “dirtiness,” these animals are, in fact, incredibly clean and spend a lot of time grooming themselves – they are less likely to catch parasites and viruses than cats and dogs!  They also love to play and even make a laugh-like sound when they are happy. Rats are incredibly social and simply love companionship. If they don’t get it, they tend to become lonely and visibly sad.


The rat in this video surely knows a thing or two about companionship. Not only is the rat being fed from a spoon and looking positively happy about it, but he even closes his eyes with pleasure every time he gets a little kiss on the head from his human friend. Could anyone look at this little guy and not think that rats surely deserve a better reputation than they now have?

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