It’s always comforting to see celebrities lend a hand to help cats in need, hopefully influencing fans to be just as caring towards our four-legged friends.

Mandy Moore is working with Purina to shelter millions of cats. As part of the “Building Better Lives” program, she will help Purina Cat Chow encourage people to get out and volunteer at their local animal shelters, with a goal to help improve the lives of shelter pets across the country. Purina is donating $275,000 to 50 different animal shelters around the country, one in each state. Moore and Purina are asking people who have already adopted animals, particularly cats, to share their rescue stories on social media with the hashtag #myrescuestory.

She also wants to help get rid of the “crazy cat lady” stigma.

“I want to try to change the connotation of crazy cat lady or crazy animal person, because 3.4 million cats go into animals shelters every year that are homeless,” she said to SheKnows. “If I could, I would have a billion cats running around!”

Meanwhile, Rachel Ray is kicking off a shelter cat awareness tour called “Shelter Cats are Beautiful,” where expert teams from “One Picture Saves a Life”will travel to 16 cities nationwide, including Los Angeles, Houston and Philadelphia, offering professional grooming and photography services to shelters. Often, when cats are brought to shelters, the photos taken do not capture their true beauty, as the cats can be scared and dirty. These new photos will be glamour shots of sorts, meant to show the cats as beautiful as they are in order to help shelters find loving homes for them.

“A photograph is one of the most important elements of the entire [adoption] situation,” said renowned pet photographer Seth Casteel to “When you take one positive picture that represents a pet, it’s their ticket out.”

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