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As the cold weather continues and the barren landscape ices over, it’s heartbreaking to see any animal wandering in the cold, especially cats. However, not all cats are in need of saving or adopting. In fact, feral cats are actually better off out on their own rather than being taken in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help them out!

What you can do is provide a very cheap, yet effective outdoor shelter for them when the thermometer plummets. Through a simple step-by-step process, the video below by Chris Poole illustrates how to make a well-insulated shelter for your outdoor feline friends.

Although it is an easy build, a knife and cutting are needed so adult supervision is advised if kids are interested in taking on this project. But, for the most part, it’s pretty simple as all you need is: a plastic bin, styrofoam cooler, some straw for bedding and insulation, and a knife for cutting out an entrance.

According to Alley Cat Allies, feral cats have lived along humans for 10,000 years and are not socialized to people, so they don’t belong indoors with us. They live healthy and happy lives outside as long as they find shelter and a good food supply. Bringing a feral cat to a shelter will more likely than not result in that cat being put down because most shelter systems do not adopt out these types of cats.

Alley Cat Allies explains that the best way to control feral cat populations is through a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). This allows for the cat to be neutered, preventing further population expansion, while also getting the cat vaccinated before sending it back to live out its life in freedom and happiness.

So if you know the cat outside in the cold is a feral cat and you want to help them out somehow, try making this simple shelter for them. On a cold night, they will stay warm and you can sleep well knowing you’ve helped them out the best way you can.