This sweet video shows the power of friendship between a bunny and a cat. The bunny’s caretaker captured footage of the bunny digging frantically at the edge of a shed. Understandably, it was a confusing situation – at least until they saw a cat’s paw reach out from under the shed. The bunny was on a mission to free his best bud! There is something to be said when a bunny not only shows compassion but takes action for another being in need.

The bunny continued to dig until his friend had enough room to join in, and before long, they were together again. The bunny looked rather exhausted, but it was clear how thankful the cat was, as he stayed by the bunny’s side during the remainder of the video.

While we are all aware that cats and dogs are available for adoption at shelters across the globe, let this sweet video be a reminder that there are countless bunnies in need of forever homes also. Bunnies require just as much love, care, and attention as cats and dogs. As always, remember that adopting any pet is a serious commitment. Pets should be treated with the same love, respect, and care as any other member of the family. Additionally, having a pet can be expensive. From healthy pet food, vet bills, beds, toys, grooming, and more, be sure that you can financially handle caring for a pet now and in the future.