Once again, Eldad and Loreta with Hope for Paws managed to rescue a kitten in a seemingly impossible situation. It all started after receiving a call about a feral kitten running around with a broken glass jar around his neck.

This meant a number of obstacles they had to deal with: traffic, injury to themselves or the cat from the glass, and not to mention, trapping a feral cat is not always easy-peasy! The good news is that the locals had been feeding the cat colony, so they were able to get fairly close to them using food as leverage. That allowed Eldad to sneak up behind the kitten and capture him with the net. As you can imagine, the poor baby was terrified! It took a team of three, but after a few intense minutes, the broken glass was removed safely, with no accidents – talk about teamwork!

The kitten was transported to the vet to receive medical treatment and some much-needed rest. He also got a name, Jarrow (how appropriate)! Jarrow is now enjoying the foster life and is ready for his forever home. If you are interested in adopting this “lucky cat,” click here to contact with Cats At The Studios.

To learn more about Hope for Paws and their life-saving work, click here and please consider making a donation to give other needy animals a second chance of living in a safe, happy, and loving forever home.