We can’t handle all of this cuteness! Meet Jolie, Happy, and Merry, nicknamed the “The Love Bugs” by animal advocate and foster cat parent, Beth Stern. The three kittens were first found about five months ago, huddled underneath a bush without a mother cat to be found. The eight-week-old kittens were in a run-down area of Miami, Florida and were hungry, emaciated, and needed medical help ASAP. That’s when animal hero, Beth Stern took the trio in.

Jolie, the tortoiseshell, is completely blind. Beth quickly learned that she was the most independent out of the three kittens and was adopted separately. On the other hand, the ginger brother and sister shared a deep bond and wouldn’t leave each other’s side.

Beth Stern

Happy and Merry were both born without eyelids, a congenital defect called Feline Eyelid Agenesis. Their eyelashes were growing into their eyes, causing them discomfort. Both also had a dead eye, which needed to be removed. 

“Beth arraigned for the eye enucleation and cryosurgery, which is a procedure where their eyelashes are frozen and removed. After the procedure, it was found that both had some vision in their good eye,” Mary Ann, Happy and Merry’s new mom, told Love Meow.

The bonded siblings stayed close during their recovery period, purring and snuggling up together!

Not wanting to separate the two, Beth worked her foster magic and found a home that would take in the special pair. Mary Ann had previously lost her two cats after they passed a year apart and was looking for cats to adopt.  


“I had been following many rescue pages and finally thought I was ready, after seven months, to bring new friends into my life,” Mary Ann told Love Meow. Mary Ann put in an application and Beth thought she was the perfect match for the pair!

Happy and Merry made their way to their new home in New Jersey and have since been renamed Sylvie and Jules. They are still very much inseparable! 


We are delighted to know Sylvie and Jules will spend the rest of their lives snuggled up together. Their success story wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for avid foster parents like Beth Stern. If you are interested in fostering animals with your local shelter, check out this guide to get you started. And please always adopt, never shop!

If you’d like to have Sylvie and Jule’s on your Instagram feed (who wouldn’t?!) you can follow their snuggle adventures here.

Image Source: sylvie_and_jules_thelovebugs/Instagram