Here is a kitten who has been on an epic adventure!

This lucky kitten, temporarily named Sky by her rescuer Ozgur Nevres, was spotted on the road while Ozgur was out on a training ride. The cyclist had stopped to take pictures of planes at a nearby airport while he was taking a break. In the middle of nowhere, he found a tiny kitten who was meowing and came running towards him. Nevres said, “I looked around and saw an adorable tabby kitten running towards me, crying. She was around four weeks old and was looking very hungry.”


Nevres’ first instinct was to find somewhere to buy the kitten food since she looked so hungry, but because there were no shops around, he decided to take the kitten with him.

This tiny little bundle of fluff clearly knew she was in good hands, because when Nevres popped her into his jersey so he could keep moving, she settled down without any sign of panic, and she even poked her head out to enjoy the view after a few minutes!

Carrying an abandoned kitten by bicycle

Nevres took her to his place of work, the Bosphorus University, where he made sure she had food, water, and somewhere to sleep.

Sky the kitten

 And she made herself right at home, playing with a toy mouse in between inspecting the place.

Sky the kitten playing

The next day, Nevres put an announcement on a pet adoption website, and this beautiful bundle of fluff was soon in a new loving home. She is now called Mila and has made firm friends with the budgerigar she shares her home with. Who says cats and birds can’t get along?!

Sky the kitten befriended with a budgerigar



Stray kittens are not always as fortunate as Mila, often abandoned to fend for themselves or born on  the streets by mothers who were not spayed. Mila’s story highlights just how important it is to be responsible pet guardians. These tiny bundles of fluff deserve to know only happy things! Please consider making your next pet addition to your family an adoptive one, so you can help change a life in need.

We need more cat-rescuing heroes like Ozgur Nevres in our world! Please go check out his blog!


Image Source: Lotto The Cat