A little over one year ago, bestselling author and New York Times Op-ed columnist Mark Bittman let loose the news that he would be leaving the Times in order to join a startup that with the goal of “helping people eat more plants.” That startup was Purple Carrot, a subscription-based meal delivery service, like Blue Apron, Plated, FreshDirect, and others. These businesses provide subscribers with the convenience of preparing delicious home-cooked meals without having to go through the trouble of rifling through recipe Pinterest boards, food blogs, and cookbooks. It’s easy — the service provides you with fresh, portioned ingredients and instructions on how to transform them into your next meal. It’s estimated that the home delivery meal-kit service market will grow between $3 billion to $5 billion over the next ten years so needless to say, it’s been popular with consumers.

Today, Purple Carrot has announced the next step: a partnership with Whole Foods Market.  Starting October 26th, Purple Carrot meal kits will be carried at the North Atlantic’s flagship location in Dedham, MA. This marks the first meal kit delivery collaboration for the North Atlantic region of Whole Foods Market, and the first in-store point of sale for Purple Carrot. This announcement from Purple Carrot is more than just a marker for how successful the  meal-kit delivery service has become — it also reflects the rising demand for plant-based meals from consumers. According to Andy Levitt, founder and CEO of Purple Carrot, “We are thrilled to team up with Whole Foods Market’s North Atlantic region to enrich the grocery shopping experience and make it easier for people to cook delicious plant-based meals at home.”

Indeed, there has been a major shift in American food habits over the past few years. About one-third of Americans are choosing to leave meat off their plates more frequently, dairy consumption has been steadily declining since the 1970s. Not to mention, they’re also looking for quick, convenient ways to get proper meals as evidenced by the fact the overall meal-kit service market is estimated to grow between $3 billion-$5 billion over the next 10 years. Making Purple Carrot’s meal-kits available in Whole Foods makes these convenient options even more accessible!  Our frozen food aisles are lined with multiple options for veggie dogs, vegan sausages, and frozen, pre-made meals — and soon, thanks to Purple Carrot’s in-store partnership with Whole Foods consumers will be able to skip the frozen stuff in favor of fresh ingredients without ever having to crack open a cookbook.

Lead image source: Adisa/Shutterstock