Little Bubs came to BARCS Animal Shelter when he was a year old and weighed only nine pounds. The young dog, possibly an American Bulldog mix, was saved by a kindhearted person who knew the animal was being neglected in his former home. Bubs was emaciated and visibly lacking any sort of care, so much so that he was immediately sent to the ER at one of the organization’s partner clinics.

When Bubs was transferred to the ER, he was too weak to even raise his head or stand, the rescuers write – but it was there that he wagged his little tail for the first time, after finally being shown kindness. His body temperature was too low to register and his heartbeats were dropping. It took the medical team almost 12 hours, many heated blankets, and round-the-clock care to finally bring up the puppy’s temperature.


Bubs’ care now includes following a strict and frequent feeding regimen. Unfortunately, his growth was already stunted due to malnutrition. His legs have abnormalities, which makes the rescuers believe that he used to be confined in a small space where he was not able to stand.

Once he was stable, Bubs came back to BARCS. There, one of the staff members decided to become his foster carer, which was the beginning of a big change for the sweet pup.

In his foster home, Bubs spends time cuddled up to “his two favorite things” – his foster brother Beans and a heated blanket. He finally found a warm, comfortable place where he is comfortable and cared for.


“His eyes are lifted and free of worry – it seems that Bubs is finally learning what it means to be a loved dog,” the rescuers write. After arriving at the foster home, the pup’s body temperature finally got up to a level where it was safe to give him a bath … which he very much needed. Once he is more stable, Bubs will be sent to an orthopedic specialist to find out what is the best course of action when it comes to his legs.

“When we see cases like this, our hearts sink, thinking of how hard it must be for animals like Bubs, who can’t call for help,” the team writes about the pup and what he must have endured. Fortunately, this special dog was found and saved in time – now, he has a chance to start all over again.


BARCS is seeking donations to help fund Bubs’s medical bills. You can help by donating via the rescue’s website and typing “Bubs” into the Dedicate Your Gift field or via PayPal through [email protected] with a note “Franky Fund, Bubs.”

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All image source: BARCS Animal Shelter/Facebook