Your heart may break if you look at Trout, a sweet and kind dog with big wounds and bruises all over her body. It’s truly hard to see. But it’s as if she doesn’t notice them or the pain at all. Despite what she’s been through, Trout has little on her mind aside from loving her new caregivers at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

She’s currently safe with the rescue and will be headed to the vet to get a much-needed check up. At the moment, she’s estimated to be around 12 months old and weighs 28 pounds. It’s clear on her body that she’s suffered through unimaginable pain for a long time. Her skin appears to be burned and there are open and bloody sores everywhere.


This was going to be investigated as a cruelty case but, unfortunately, no one could find Trout’s previous caretaker. Regardless, she is safe now and that’s what matters the most. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC will keep people updated on her status via their Facebook page so look for updates there.

In the meantime, if you want to support Trout and this wonderful rescue please check out their website and set up a donation. Urgent, medical cases like this are not cheap and every little bit counts.