If you live with a dog, you know that they are always down for a car ride. Every time you hop into the car for a quick errand, inevitably your four-legged best friend is right behind you begging to come along. If it weren’t for the fact that our pups can’t shut the car doors after them, they’d probably get away with joining us for a ride without us even noticing.

The German Shepherd in this video has figured out this genius trick. As a police dog, this pup always needs to be on his toes, ready to respond to a call in a split second. Part of doing this means he needs to learn how to open and close the squad car on his own! After all, if they need to make a fast getaway, having to stop and close a door would put a bit of a damper on things.


We wonder if they’ll start making these for every car, we’re sure our dogs would love it!