Spanish soccer stars Isco and Gerard Pique were in the midst of their team’s game against Iran at the 2018 FIFA World Cup when they spotted a small animal on the turf. The cute spectator was a bird who had landed on the field and become stuck.

Upon noticing that the tiny creature needed help, the two players promptly paused the game to pick up the animal and bring them to a safer spot where they wouldn’t risk being trampled by someone’s cleats. Footage of this touching moment went viral, and people around the world now consider Isco and Pique to be heroes.


When PETA U.K. heard about how the La Roja players had taken the time to escort the needy bird to safety in the middle of their intense game, the animal rights organization commended the men for their good deed.

As Elisa Allen, director of PETA U.K., reportedly said, “No game is more important than someone’s life, and we hope their heroic actions will encourage everyone to come to the aid of animals in need.”

We totally agree with this statement, and we were thrilled to see that these men cared so much about protecting a living creature that they interrupted their momentous soccer match to lend it a helping hand!