You would be forgiven for thinking that cats and mice are forever destined to be enemies. Think of traditional cat-and-mouse pairings in the media – Tom and Jerry, Itchy and Scratchy – and the idea of undying enmity between the two recurs again and again. For those of us who live with a kitty, the dead mouse “presents” they occasionally leave outside the back door may be an all-too-familiar sight.

However, Paul Mealey, a cat guardian in Ireland, was recently astounded to witness his kitty Lala making friends with a wild mouse. He observed the two playing together for twenty minutes, and knew he just had to document the incredible sight.


Lala and the mouse were initially very startled to see one another.

However, it soon became clear that Lala had no intention of harming the little creature.

Instead, the two proceeded to share some snuggle time together…

… and even shared a joke or two, by the looks of this snap!

A few kisses were exchanged.

Mealey said that their encounter ended with the mouse “scampering off” unscathed, but not before hugging his new BFF goodbye!


This amazing story illustrates the fact that when it comes to animal intelligence and interaction, there is still a great deal that we humans have yet to understand. Interspecies friendships are a prime example of how animals do not always conform to traditionally expected patterns of behavior. And when the friendship in question – like that of Lala and the wild mouse – completely overturns the stereotypical predator-and-prey hierarchy, we are often left scratching our heads trying to figure out what’s going on!

Still, the cuteness of this unusual pair cannot be denied. Maybe the two will meet again and provide us with more sweet photos to drool over!