Your food choices could be contributing to the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. The amazon fires were started by cattle farmers and some of the biggest clients of those cattle farmers are huge chain fast food restaurants like Mcdonald’s. Beef consumption is one of the big contributors to climate change, due in part to how much land they require and the deforestation that results. Trees are cut and the land is converted into a pasture for cattle grazing.

Source: Bloomberg Quicktake: Explained/Youtube

The Amazon rainforest has been facing severe deforestation problems for several decades – it has lost about a fifth of its forest in the past three.  According to World Wildlife Fund, an estimated 80 percent of deforestation in the Amazon basin can be attributed to cattle ranching. Sign this petition to tell Mcdonald’s they must find a different cattle source, one that’s more sustainable, albeit more expensive. It’s their duty to the earth and all the people here.

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