Paula is a tiny baby chimp who was found by a group of Ex-Pats living in Africa when they were approached by a boy who had her stuffed into a backpack. Malnourished, terrified, and crawling with fleas and lice, it was obvious that the poor animal would not survive without their help. It was difficult to tell whether her mother was killed (as is so often the case with baby animals) or whether she was found as an orphan, but either way, they knew what they had to do. So they purchased her from the boy and took her home, determined to save her life.

Their first course of action was to address her parasites, a problem that was easily cleared up by a bath and flea collar. Now they could hold her, giving poor Paula the affection and contact that all babies need.


Soon, the tiny chimp was eating on her own. She also found comfort in an orange ball, which was laying around the porch. As she grew stronger, they started to look into sanctuaries who could provide her with the care she needed.

In the meantime, Paula began to trust her new family, enjoying new games like digging for treasures in people’s pockets.

She also learned that cuddling was fun, too!



Now, this sweet baby is on her way to her new home at the Mefou Primate Sanctuary in Cameroon, where she would learn how to live in nature with other primates, like herself  and have a chance at a normal life. If you would like to learn more about the Mefou Primate Sanctuary, please click here for more info.

All image source: Ape Action Africa/Facebook