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Last year the FDA recalled several brands of pet food after thousands of complaints from pet guardians led to sampling tests being conducted. The results turned out positive for the euthanasia drug pentobarbital. How did this deadly drug end up in the food we feed our beloved pets? According to a petition on Care2 and a new bill in Ohio, more than likely it came from meat made of euthanized dogs and cats from shelters.

Pet food production lacks many regulations that human-grade food has to legally abide by. When reading the ingredient lists for many pet foods you will often see “meat by-products” as a main ingredient, if not the first. The “meat” used can be from a number of different animals and a new bill proposed in Ohio is aiming to change that.

The legislation, called House Bill 560, states its purpose to be, “To amend sections 923.41, 923.48, and 923.51 of the Revised Code to prohibit pet food from containing remains from an animal that was euthanized by the use of any drug injected intravenously or through another nonvascular route or remains from any dog or cat.”

A petition has been set up on Care2 to allow the public to show support for this progressive new bill. Please take a moment to sign the petition here.

If your pet’s food is ever recalled, read this to learn about what you should do. Always read ingredient labels for pet food in a similar way you read food labels for yourself. Choose brands that use whole food ingredients that are clearly listed and avoid those containing “meat by-products.” You can also make healthy meals and treats for your pets at home. Check this out for fun ideas!

Buzz Petition
Image Source: Pixabay