Many people around the world tout their vegan diet for better health and, often, an improved physique, but one man, a former bodybuilder, can show you the proof in full view – even now, at 78 years old.

Jim Morris, the face of PETA’s “Think Before You Eat Campaign,” retired from competitive bodybuilding in 1985 and then became a vegetarian and later a vegan. According to Natural News, Morris chose to become vegan for ethical reasons, eliminating meat after it was no longer a part of the competitive fitness lifestyle.

While Morris says he had digestive and sleep issues before becoming plant-based at age 65, “since becoming vegan, all my health problems have completely disappeared. My yearly checkups are perfect,” he said. And, what’s more? He still looks like the bodybuilding champion he once was, no meat or dairy necessary.

Morris told The Huffington Post he hopes more people become inspired to become vegan, especially when it comes to milk: “Milk is for babies. Humans, as far as I know, are the only creatures that continue to drink milk once they’ve been weaned. … I think a lot of people don’t realize if they would stop drinking milk and [consuming] all of the milk products, they would say, ‘Wow, I didn’t realize I could feel this good.’”

For more on Morris, check out a video of him in an interview with PETA below.

Image Source: PETA