The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) in Kenya has welcomed a new baby elephant named Luggard to their sanctuary. Luggard was found by an anti-poaching pilot with two gunshots in his legs. This likely happened when the little elephant and his herd were passing through farmland. With no time to waste, a rescue team was immediately on the scene to save him and bring him to DSWT for medical attention.

As the world’s leading rescue and rehabilitation organization for orphaned elephants, the DSWT team knew just what to do to rehabilitate this precious pachyderm. After nine long months, this beautiful elephant calf is now able to walk again! He will continue to live out his life at the sanctuary and, hopefully, thrive amongst the herd there until he can return to the wild.

Please visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust website to stay updated on Luggard and learn more about how you can get involved helping elephants!