Isreali food company Soglowek, one of the biggest names in Israeli meat manufacturing, has announced that they are launching a fully plant-based brand, The Good Food Institute shared. Not only that, but Soglowek plans to donate 20 percent of the brand’s profits to Israeli “clean” meat startup, SuperMeat.

“I would like to invest time and money to do to the meat industry what Elon Musk is doing to the automobile industry. I believe it’s grand, and that is the vision, allowing me and others to eat what they want,” said Soglowek CEO Eli Soglowek.



Not too long ago, Europe’s largest poultry producer invested in SuperMeat, and we are thrilled to see more exciting news come from the start-up! The lab-cultured, clean meat technology space is an unstoppable force. Memphis Meats, another lab-grown meat technology company, recently received investment from Cargill, the world’s largest meat processor, as well as Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and even Tyson Foods. To see a visual representation of the growing plant-based food sector, check this out.

The emergence of lab-cultured meat is promising because, in order to create a sustainable food system, consumers need to eat less meat and dairy. For those who don’t want to give up meat, lab-cultured meat is an answer, and the impact would be hugeResearch by Oxford and Amsterdam Universities found that switching to clean meat would allow a reduction of up to 98 percent greenhouse gas emissions, 99 percent land exploitation, and up to 96 percent in water usage. Not too shabby!

Got some questions about how clean meat is being made? In an episode of #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias, Bruce Friedrich, the Executive Director of the Good Food Institute (GFI) and founding partner of New Crop Capital, explains exactly how it can be done.

For more information on how your food choices impact the health of the environment, check out the #EatForThePlanet book!


Image Source: Soglowek