Manno is a young chimp born in a zoo in Damascus, Syria. He was stolen from his mother there and sold to a private zoo in northern Iraq, where he was used as a selfie prop. Poor Manno led a sad existence where he was only let out of his cage if a customer paid the zoo’s owners for a photograph. The chimp lived off of sugary snacks patrons paid to feed him and took up smoking after numerous visitors handed him loose cigarettes. However, thanks to the heroic efforts of a Canadian tourist, Spencer Sekyer, the Jane Goodall Institute, and the Ol Pejeta conservatory, Manno was saved from captivity and taken across the world to live in the Sweetwater Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Kenya. This historic rescue crossed several borders and took Manno from a war-torn country to safety of his new home in.

Manno’s life in captivity was brutal.

Amanda Fisher/Al Jazeera



Manno was quarantined when he arrived at the Sweetwater Sanctuary, but will soon be able to play and interact with other chimps. According to AFP, Manno hasn’t had any contact with another chimp since 2013! Look at his new gorgeous habitat and future friends.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy

If you would like to support Manno and other chimps like him, visit Oj Pejeta’s site to learn how you can help. Manno’s story is not unique – thousands of innocent animals fall victim to the illegal wildlife trade every year. Trafficking wildlife has become a 20 billion dollar industry that is responsible for millions of deaths – human and animal – every year. We can stop this horrid practice by being boycotting this industry and sharing the plight of animals like Manno with our friend and family.


Lead image source: Amanda Fisher/Al Jazeera