When Dan LiBoissonnault was diagnosed with high cholesterol, he was understandably upset. After all, as a meat and cheese lover, he would have to give up two of his favorite foods. After prescribing LiBoissonnault some cholesterol-control meds, the doctor sent him on his way, but Dan was not satisfied with this solution. In fact, the side effects of sore joints and trouble sleeping actually caused him great discomfort. So he decided to take a different approach and started following a vegan diet.

“My doctor didn’t think it would work,” he said. Six months later, his cholesterol dropped by 100 points! The best part? He didn’t have to give up cheese after all! Well, cheesy flavor that is.

As a wine shop owner now searching for a healthy cheese to pair with his wine, LiBoissonnault decided to craft his own. And that’s when Fauxmaggio was born!  A wholesome blend of raw organic cashews, macadamia nuts, plant-based enzymes and various herbs and spices, Fauxmaggio is packed with protein, amino acids, plenty of minerals, and zero cholesterol! After realizing he had a delicious product in his hands, LiBoissonnault closed up the wine shop and opened up Dan’s Power Plant, where he manufactures cheese as well as protein-packed crackers to pair with it.

“As my lifestyle of eating meats and cheeses, paired with wine, started to take a toll on my health, I turned to dietary changes rather than the medications my doctor was prescribing.  By turning to a 100 percent plant-based (vegan) diet and incorporating yoga into my life, I felt 100 percent better.  My passion is to share the wealth, to introduce healthful foods to people so they can also enjoy the health benefits,” shares LiBoissonnault on his company’s page.



LiBoissonnault, like others who have decided to leave meat and dairy off of their plates, realizes that the food we put in our bodies and our health could not be more connected. With the pervasiveness of heart disease, obesity, cancer, and high cholesterol across the world, there are hundreds that could definitely learn something from LiBoissonnault and his story. With his product, he now joins the other companies who are waking up to the fact that the future of public health and the future of food is indisputably vegan.

All Images Source: Dan’s Power Plant