A moment of pure terror must have flashed before Ove Karlsen’s eyes as he witnessed his dog crash through the ice of a Norwegian Lake. Sadly, falling through thin ice is an all too common occurrence in the winter months that can quickly lead to hypothermia or death for any animal or man. However, this didn’t stop Karlsen from strategically crawling across thin ice and jumping in to save his dog.

After only a few minutes, Karlsen was able to rescue his pup from the icy waters of the lake. Karlsen’s companion assisted him in rescuing the dog, while also filming the ordeal. The whimpers of the freezing dog are heartbreaking to hear but the heroism of this guardian is truly astonishing!

Karlsen, wearing what seems to be a wet suit, was able to crawl out on the thin ice before entering the water and carrying his dog as close to shore as he could get. At this point the dog is visibly exhausted but Karlsen keeps going, sliding his dog across the thin ice using a rope his companion was holding from shore. Working together they were able to get the dog back on dry land and into the arms of his guardian.

After the harrowing ordeal, the dog was taken to a vet where he was given the all clear and is safely back at home enjoying the warmth of his loving guardian.