When we go out on a walk with our beloved pooches, we usually don’t expect to find another dog in a desperate, life-or-death situation. However, this was exactly what happened to French man Pedro Dinis and a friend as they walked through their local park in Carrieres-sur-Seine, Paris, last week.

During their walk, the friends saw a French Mastiff on the ground and initially thought that the dog was just voluntarily lying there. On closer inspection, however, they saw that the dog had in fact been buried alive, with her head just about visible above the ground. Pedro said, “her head was difficult to see because of the quantity of earth which covered her.” It is chilling to think of how easily her plight could have gone unnoticed…


Pedro and his friend were greeted by this heartbreaking sight.

Pedro tried to gently reassure the terrified dog that they were there to help.

The dog’s lead, which had been tightly tied to a heavy bag of gravel, had prevented her from escaping.

As the rescue effort got underway, Pedro’s own canine companion was on hand to offer comfort and solidarity.

Though she was exhausted, the brave dog – perhaps emboldened by the appearance of her helpers – continued her attempt to free herself from the rubble.

 She required a whole lot of coaxing from her human (and canine) helpers.

Pedro’s dog had to provide her with an encouraging push or two…

… but this plucky canine was eventually freed from the rubble! Pedro immediately gave her some water and TLC.


She was in shock and dehydrated, so after Pedro had given her some water, he took her to a vet, where she was able to begin the slow process of recovering from her ordeal.

The police later tracked down the dog’s guardian, who denied the allegation of having buried her alive. However, he is now expected to be charged with animal cruelty. If so, he will be sent to prison for two years and could be forced to pay a fine of up to €30,000 (approximately $33,117). An online petition calling for the “maximum sentence for the owner” has garnered over 135,000 signatures.

While stories of horrendous animal cruelty can make an animal lover lose all faith in humanity, it is kind people like Pedro and his friend who restore that hope.


All image source: Pedro Dinis/Facebook