Eleven ducklings decided to go on an adventure, waddling one after another, until they got lost. They traveled a great distance, sticking to the emergency lane off a road in Mount Vernon, Wash., while trying to find their way home. Unfortunately, this was to no prevail.

Two new Mount Vernon residents, on their way home, discovered the ducklings and saw one after another fall through one of the road’s storm grate. Concerned about their welfare, they contacted the police and two firefighters from a nearby station came to the rescue.


Luckily, two of the duckling decided to not play “Follow the Leader” and were found near the storm grate. The others, however, were washed into the city’s drainage system.

Two firefighters came to the rescue!

Ducklings1Mount Vernon Fire Department

They spotted the lost ducklings. 

Ducklings2Mount Vernon Fire Department

The firefighters created a “duckling rescue device,” a bucket duck-taped to a metal pole…

Ducklings3Mount Vernon Fire Department


…and down it went.

Duckling4Mount Vernon Fire Department

Amazingly, they were able to catch the little ducks!

Duckling6Mount Vernon Fire Department

The ducklings were put into a cardboard box, one by one…

Ducklings7Mount Vernon Fire Department

And finally, the 11 ducklings were finally safe! The two Good Samaritans that had found them kindly volunteered to drive the ducklings 45 minutes to the nearest wildlife rescue center.

Ducklings8Mount Vernon Fire Department


Lead image source: Mount Vernon Fire Department