Puppyhood is all about playing, jumping, rolling, and cuddling. Sadly, this little puppy was in too much pain to enjoy any of those things. He was suffering from a severe eye infection that had gotten so bad, it was twice the size of his left eye. Thankfully, the man who was feeding this sweetheart made the life-saving call to Animal Aid Unlimited to help him.

Rescuers named the pup Peepers and transported him back to the shelter for medical care. After an exam by the vet, they began treating his eye with antibiotic drops. With time, treatment, and lots of love, Peepers made a full recovery and is now learning what being a puppy is all about! Watching this adorable boy jumping, cuddling, and playing will literally make your heart smile.


Animal Aid Unlimited strives to not only rescue animals in need, but they also educate the locals on why animals deserve respect and proper care. Their commitment has made a world of difference for animals who would otherwise die without knowing the existence of kindness.

All street dogs deserve a second chance at happiness, and the caring team at Animal Aid Unlimited saves as many as they can. To donate so that they can help even more animals, click here.