More often than not, children begin eating meat before they fully realize where it comes from. A hamburger on the dinner table makes kids think of french fries and ketchup, not cows. A hot dog at the local fair is simply a treat just like a lollipop or an ice cream cone. And most would never guess that the slice of ham on their sandwich was once a living, breathing pig. Because of this disassociation, most children become accustomed to the idea of eating meat … only to find out much later on that what they have been consuming all of these years was, in fact, flesh. Unfortunately, by the time this realization occurs, they have already become desensitized to the matter.

The little girl, in this video, however, got the meat memo a bit earlier than scheduled – and shockingly enough, she’s not on board with the whole thing. Why? Simple. She loves animals and has a hunch that “they don’t really like being cooked in the ovens.” We’re going to have to agree with you on that, little one. So, what does this little girl intend to eat? Well, her answer for that one is pretty straightforward (and adorably ferocious), as well: “everything on the table, except for animals!”


This little girl’s passion and incredible kindness has unsurprisingly touched the hearts of millions on the Internet already. While many may write this off as just another cute video making the rounds, hopefully, this young child’s compassion will inspire others to connect the dots like she has.