Circuses and fairs are infamous for the horrific abuse they inflict on the animals they exploit in their shows. Elephants, tigers, lions, dogs, bears, and numerous other species of animals are taught tricks and performances through cruel and painful methods. Despite the amount of attention recently brought to this matter, there are still countless shows all over the world that steal and breed animals and create a life of hell for them, all for the sake of selfish profit.

Coco, Chino, and Rolex were found on the back of a truck, living together in a dirty, tiny cage roughly the size of a queen size bed. Living in these inhumane conditions, the three brothers were abused and forced to perform in a traveling circus in South America, far from their natural habitat. Luckily for them, Animal Defenders International has been working tirelessly to track down these circuses throughout Peru and Columbia.


When ADI found the Chino, Coco, and Rolex…

…they had no room to move around in their filthy cage, which was situated next to their father.

ADI quickly transported the beautiful brothers to the temporary rescue center they had set up to give them the care they needed.

Upon arrival, they were examined, and finally given the love and care they desperately needed.


The lions were brought back to their natural habitat at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary

…where they now live happily together.


Lions do not belong in cages, let alone in circuses. They belong in the wild. A life in captivity, whether it be in a fair, circus, or a zoo is no life at all for the animals involved. You can help other like Chino, Coco, and Rolex, by refusing to support these shows and educating others about the plight of these poor creatures.

Lead Image Source: Animal Defenders International