There are many adorable things about kittens, their tiny paws, big enchanting eyes, little whiskers… the list could go on for pages and pages! But this amazing animal rescuer has discovered what may just be the most precious thing about kittens: they wiggle their ears when they are being bottle fed. OMG, what!? Yes, prepare yourself for the overwhelming cuteness.

These little kittens are only a few weeks old and are being hand-reared because they’ve lost their mother. The good news is that a kind human stepped in to help these little squeakers grow up big and strong. When kittens are this small, they need to be fed every few hours. Trying to acclimate to bottle feedings can be difficult for newborn kitties, but these guys have the routine down pat.

These particular kitties like to wiggle their teeny tiny ears when eating as if to show their utter and complete contentment. Goodness, these little babes are going to grow up to be some extremely adorable cats. Good luck, little ones!