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Given all the terrible things that animals are subjected to at the hands of human beings, it can be easy to think that just one person can’t possibly make a difference. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! As this video proves, with a little compassion and the willingness to do so, anyone can step up and help animals in need.

The adorable kittens you see in the video were abandoned in a dumpster outside of an office in Carson, California. It’s unclear whether the kittens were left in the trash bin by a cruel owner or if their mother abandoned them out of stress. Either way, the kittens were still wet from birth and in desperate need of some shelter and care.

Luckily, an office worker heard their cries and came to their rescue. She scooped the kittens out of the dumpster and put them in a cardboard box, swaddling them in towels so they wouldn’t freeze. The following morning she found a coworker who knew how to care for kittens and before long everyone at the office was a part-time foster parent!

In the end, the little kitties found a more permanent home with Cats At The Studios Rescue where they’re getting bigger and stronger every day, thanks to plenty of good food and lots of playtime!

If you’re interested in adopting one of these little kittens, or know someone who is, contact Cats At The Studios Rescue.