Everyone has different priorities. Some people aim to have a very successful career, plenty of cash to go around, and a big house to call their own. Others wish to minimize their belongings, only keep what is necessary, and appreciate experiences rather than belongings. For most homeless people, there is only one priority: survival. That means only planning one meal ahead, it means standing on street corners and asking for a little help, and if they happen to have a dog, it means caring for that little one no matter what it takes.

When Wilma Price came across a homeless fellow named Patrick, she knew he fell in the latter group. He had been sitting on the side of the road with a sign that Wilma had never seen a homeless man hold before. It read: “Dog in Pound, Need Help.” Touched that Patrick was putting his pup’s well-being before his own need for food and money, she pulled over. It turns out that Patrick had ended up doing a two-day stint in jail for trespassing, and in those two days, his dog, Franklin, was taken to the pound. He would need $120 to get his pal back.


When she talked to Patrick he seemed sincere. Still, to be sure, Wilma called up the pound to make sure that his story checked out. 

After the employees at the pound corroborated Patrick’s story, Wilma promptly took him to the pound. And boy was Franklin happy to see them!

He even rested his face on Patrick as if to say “please, don’t leave me here.” 

The pound employees explained that it would be $120 to get Franklin out due to the impoundment fee as well as vaccinations and medications that were given to the pup. 

Eventually, the fee was paid and Franklin was free to go! As Wilma shared, Patrick’s gratitude was palpable and tears had begun welling up in his eyes. 

Wilma could tell that Patrick loved this dog more than anything else. In his backpack he carried Franklin’s water bowl, toys, and anything else the pup needed to survive. They were clearly best friends. 

After Wilma parted ways with Patrick, she made a post on Facebook to share the story and ask friends and peers for donations. She’s received quite a few phone calls already and it looks like easier times are in store for the duo! We wish them the best. 



Wilma shares that the experience has reminded her to appreciate all of the things in her life. “Never judge somebody by the cover of their book until you’ve walked in their shoes you have no idea what somebody’s went through you should always pay it forward if you’re able because like I said in the blink of an eye you could be in the same situation,” she wrote on her Facebook page. Wilma’s kind act is a wonderful example of the incredible things that can happen when people open their hearts and help those in their community. Thanks to her, this sweet pair of friends are back together, and will hopefully be getting some of the help they need, soon. If you’re touched by this story and would like to help Patrick and Franklin, click here.

Lead image source: Wilma Price/Facebook