Pit Bulls have an unjustified and totally undeserved reputation for being bad, vicious dogs. But despite what some uninformed people might tell you, Pit Bulls can actually be some of the most loving, gentle dogs on the planet. Don’t believe us? Well, we think that this awesome story just might change your mind!

We’d like you to meet Karma and her guardian, Rick. They’ve been together for a long time and they do everything with each other!




One day the duo experienced a horrible stroke of bad luck when Karma fell into a surging river. Luckily for Karma, Rick is a powerful swimmer and was able to rescue her from drowning. Karma was okay, but Rick developed a serious bacterial infection because of the dirty water. The infection got so bad that he needed to seek immediate medical attention.

Rick didn’t know anyone who could take care of Karma while he was gone and he had no other choice but to take her to the Villalobos Rescue Center while he was in the hospital. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Rick forgot to give the shelter a way to contact him afterward. Poor Karma sat in the shelter for days without hearing any news about her BFF and even the shelter staff started to lose hope that he’d ever return

But then, two weeks later, Rick made an appearance at the shelter. The shelter staff was happy to see him alive and well, but Karma took it to a whole new level.


Karma was absolutely ecstatic to see her human again! Look at that heartwarming Pittie smile.

The feeling was definitely mutual. They couldn’t stop giving each other hugs!

 Karma the cuddle monster could not be stopped. She took Rick to his knees!



It’s obvious from these pictures that Rick and Karma have an unbreakable bond that will endure for years to come. If you liked this story please share it with your friends. To learn more about Villalobos Rescue Center, check out their Facebook page.

All image source: Villalobos Rescue Center/Facebook