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Kanye West Draws Criticism for Fur-Filled Paris Fashion Show

Kanye West failed to impress fashion critics at the debut of his first Paris Fashion Week Collection last fall. His spring collection fared even worse.

Some critics called his new line unoriginal, drawing too much inspiration from Givenchy and other French designers, with “poor fit” and questionable appeal.

However, his heavy use of exotic animal skins and furs was significantly more off-putting than lack of originality or poor fit. West liberally used crocodile, fox and, perhaps most offensively, karakul pelts in his collection.

Karakul pelts are taken from fetal or newborn lambs. The lambs are killed within their first three days of life before the pelt loses its black color and soft, tightly wound coils of fur.

The show’s models and front-row celebrities have also been criticized for participating in the fur-fest. They, like many, probably buy into the idea that fur is glamorous and luxurious. But would they change their tune if they knew the abominable cruelty involved in procuring the fur used in their fashion?

Want to send a message that fur is cruel and uncool? Sign PETA’s pledge to be fur-free today.

Image Credit: EagerEyes/Flickr