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Kama is not your everyday pig. This snouted Hawaiian is taking the surfing world by storm, hanging ten with the best of them. Looking at the clear water and warm sun, who would blame the pig?

Kama’s guardian explains that this little pig came to him when he was only a few weeks old and after he accidentally fell in a pool, his guardian realized he could swim. Seamlessly, Kama became a bonafide surf god, wandering into the ocean with his guardian and hopping right on the board. Clearly, this piggy knows the simply beauty of stopping to feel the sand on your toes…or is it nose?


While we’ve seen pigs who swim in the tropical waters of the Bahamas, this guy shows them all up, taking it to the next level in Hawaiian surf. In the video, his guardian explains that Kama likes three or four foot waves, if there’s anything smaller he gets bored, hops into the water and just swims around to entertain himself.


Kama has become a bit of a Hawaiian celebrity for his expert board skills. According to his guardian, Kama knows instinctively how to balance himself on the board, where to lean and stand when a waves coming and how to effortless navigate the water.


Even when Kama falls off the board he seems utterly unperturbed and simply paddles back and hops on for another ride.


It may still be true that pigs can’t fly, but if you ask Kama, who would want to fly when you can surf instead?



To follow the righteous adventures of Kama the surfing pig, follow him on Instagram at KamatheSurfingPig.

All image source: KamatheSurfingPig/Instagram