The Canadian sealing industry just doesn’t seem to get it. Widespread opposition against its seal hunt has been mounting for years on both Canadian and international soil. Even China has stalled the import of seal meat over concerns of the cruelty involved to obtain it.

Earth to sealers: almost no one wants to see thousands of young seals clubbed to death each year. And yet, for some reason – despite the dwindling market for seal products and clear opposition – Canada’s cruel slaughter continues year after year. The 2014 hunting season has already begun, with a massive quota of 400,000 seals.

While sealers and certain governmental bodies stubbornly hold on to an unsustainable, uneconomical, and cruel “industry,” the world is growing ever more impatient and outraged, illustrating that Canada’s annual slaughter may in fact be on its way out once and for all.

Celebrities are even playing a key role in getting the word out about Canada’s cruel hunt, including, Big Bang Theory star and animal lover, Kaley Cuoco.

Cuoco recently took to Twitter to voice her utter disgust with the hunt – go, Cuoco!

While a number of followers echoed her abhorrence of the annual slaughter, others seemed harder to budge. However, Cuoco quickly thought up of some comebacks, like the one below:

Along with voicing her own opinions about the hunt, Cuoco has been urging her two million followers to speak out against it as well and donate to the Humane Society of the United States’ Protect Seals campaign, which works tirelessly each year to stop the slaughter.

Cuoco is looking to encourage people to continue raising awareness about the hunt and is asking followers to share their actions with the hashtag #saveseals.


Join her conversation today on Twitter and add your voice to the thousands of others taking a stand against Canada’s sealing industry. You can also donate to the Protect Seals campaign here.

Image source: Liberty Voice