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For many, summer marks the start of beach trips, drive-in movies, and homemade ice cream, but for others, it means suffering, pain, and death. The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is fast approaching and countless dogs (and cats) will be brutally killed for human consumption – unless we take a stand and refuse to back down! The Care2 petition team has organized a petition addressing China’s President, Xi Jinping to shut down this cruel practice once and for all.

The annual lychee and dog meat-eating festival takes place in China’s Guangxi district and is easily one of the cruelest practices in the country. Unfortunately, despite global outrage, dogs continue to be slaughtered in the most inhumane ways imaginable – all because of the belief that the adrenaline created by stress and fear improves the taste. As if it weren’t disturbing enough, many of the dogs sold at the festival are stolen pets who are lured and kidnapped from their homes. They are transported in tiny cages in the scorching heat without food, water or care, only to suffer horrific deaths.


Thanks to protests by animal lovers across the globe and efforts by organizations like Humane Society International, the number of dogs facing this grim fate has dropped from more than 10,000 to 1,000. If you agree that even one dog sentenced to this outrageously twisted practice is one too many, please sign and share the petition!

With the majority of the Chinese population not even eating dog meat, there is absolutely no reason this horrible practice shouldn’t be outlawed. Animal lovers, rescue organizations, and even celebrities have spoken out against the dog meat festival, and clearly, it has made a significant impact, but we have to keep fighting! No dog, cat, or any other animal should be made to suffer in such despicable ways. Let’s stop the sale and consumption of dog meat at Yulin in its tracks before another innocent life is lost.

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Image Source: Dgoomany/ Visual Hunt