Oh, Ikea. What a magical land of reasonably priced and yet nice looking, some-assembly-required furniture you are. All you need is a sheet of picture instructions, an included allen wrench and a few creative and colorful swear words for when you inevitably force that long screw into the place where the shorter screw was supposed to go. It’s just that simple.

A little creativity helps too in that much of Ikea’s furniture and accessories can be mixed, matched and altered for a variety of uses , which is exactly what these crafty pet parents did for their cats. The Duktig bed (which, fittingly enough,  translates in english to “clever”) is technically a doll bed, but with no pet beds in the Ikea repertoire, it has become a siesta spot for many a lucky cat in Japan.


Taking to Twitter to show off their versions, picture after picture have popped up of fortunate felines with an assortment of blankets, sheets and stuffed toys to make nap time a relaxing experience. At less than $20 US, the bed comes with a starter set of bedding and the promise that our fur babies will have a pretty adorable place to sleep. Oh, and did we mention it only needs, like, four dowels to get it constructed? Pet lovers, we have a winner.

Since it’s technically a toy, the assembly requires much less cursing to accomplish than a piece of human furniture does. 


Once assembled, your cat has a wonderful place to nap that rivals both the middle of your bed and the sunny spot under the kitchen window.

Not just for cats, the bunk bed configuration is great for when you want to have your dog friends over and leaves so much more room for activities.

Actually, if you just put the bed itself in the sunny spot under the kitchen window the cat will think they’ve achieved cat nirvana.

“Could you read me a story? I have my blankie and everything.”

While the bed isn’t huge, it is a doll bed after all, it’s certainly big enough for two as long as cuddling isn’t an issue. We’re talking about cats here, cuddling most certainly isn’t an issue.

“Could you keep it DOWN?! This is only my fourth nap today, I need rest!”

Pink blankie? check. Poodle stuffed animal? check. The ingredients for bedtime have been gathered.

We know we always sleep better when there’s a cat toy positioned over our beds like a baby mobile too.

Does this remind anyone else of the opening scene from Annie? The difference being, it is NOT a hard knock life for these two. 

“I just need to take a little breather from all of the people that want to talk to me about this splendid mustache.”

“You’re sure there are no monsters under there? Really? Because I heard a pretty freaky noise.”

All image source: Matome Naver