The life of a street dog is filled with fear, hopelessness, and countless dangers. Thankfully, there are compassionate people who know who to call when they see an animal in need. After a concerned local called Guardians of the Voiceless about a dog who was suffering from a severe head wound, the rescuers headed out to offer much needed medical care to the poor pup.

When the guardians arrived, they found the dog, named Billu, hiding in a corner as if all hope was lost. It was time to restore that hope, and the guardians got to work making this sweet boy feel better. Billu was missing an ear and the injury was massively infected; we can’t imagine the pain he was in! The rescuers gave Billu painkillers and gently cleaned and treated the wound. He was also given antibiotics to keep away any infections. The rescuers expect Billu’s injury to take about two weeks of treatment and will return regularly to ensure he makes a full recovery. Billu also has a wonderful group of compassionate locals helping to feed and keep a close eye on him.


Guardians of the Voiceless is a non-profit that treats wounded street animals. The organization also aims to promote a sense of kindness and responsibility towards animals through holistic education to upcoming generations. You can contribute to the continued care of innocent street dogs like Billu by making a donation to Guardians of the Voiceless.

To make a donation to help them save more innocent lives, click here.