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While we love and admire elephants, there are many places in the world (including the U.S.) where these majestic creatures are tortured and abused for human entertainment. In Thailand, elephant tourism runs rampant. These animals are taken from the wild and forced to endure a brutal “breaking” period of constant abuse, only to face a future where they will be used for carrying tourists and spend their days in chains.

This is certainly not a life for any living creature, but given the intelligence and emotional capabilities of elephants, this is especially cruel. Thankfully, there are many people who are working to change things for elephants in Thailand.

This incredible video tells the story of Tracy, a school teacher from New Zealand who was inspired to spend two years raising funds to help rescue an elephant in Thailand. After learning about Jack Lanting, a teenager who had done the same years before, Tracy realized that she too could forever change the life of one abused elephant.

So, Tracy put her life on hold and went off to Thailand to save an elephant who had spent her entire life in chains. With the help of Lek Chailert from Elephant Nature Park and Lanting, Tracy was able to give this incredible animal a whole new life.

The compassion and motivation that Tracy exemplifies is powerful and moving and serves to remind us of the positive impact we can make if we put our minds to it.

A huge thank you to Tracy, Jack and the staff at Elephant Nature Park for making this all possible!