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It was a beautiful day in Northern California on Saturday, March 15 — a perfect day to take a walk by the beach, which is exactly what black labrador, Oreo, and his guardian decided to do. However, a beautiful day at the Portuguese Beach turned into a rescue mission from above when Oreo got himself into some trouble.

The Portuguese Beach area is made up of large cliffs that reach over a 100 feet above the crashing surf below. Oreo found himself exploring the side of a 90-foot cliff and he ended up getting stuck on a small ledge 40 feet down. This precarious position was enough to call 911 and the Sonoma County Sheriff’s department.

Local News, KTVU, reports that the Sheriff’s department immediately sent out their rescue helicopter, knowing that when an animal is in distress, people will risk their lives to help that animal, which would only put more in trouble. And so, they called the helicopter “Henry 1” for the rescue. Upon discovering that Oreo was not afraid of the noise and wind from the copter, they proceeded with the rescue effort.

Dangling from the air, a deputy was lowered down the side of the cliff where he was able to properly secure the dog to a harness and rescue him by air. Oreo, who seemed extremely calm during the rescue, was then reunited with his  guardian, making for a happy ending.

Hit the play button to watch this incredible rescue in the video below. It’s amazing what first responders will do to save man’s best friend!