An animal shelter can be an incredibly scary place for dogs. They are often taken away from the life they previously knew and placed in a small cage surrounded by other dogs who are barking hysterically. Strange people come to look at them, some of them reaching out to touch these already nervous pups. With six to eight million animals entering a shelter in the U.S. each year, the pressure for these dogs to find a home is on!

If you are a tiny Chihuahua, the stress of a shelter environment can be even greater. Sunshine, the Chihuahua, handled her stress through aggression (something regularly seen in people, we might add). When strange people approached her, she couldn’t help but to bare her teeth in fear. Normally, this behavior would keep this little dog from being adopted, forcing her to end up as one of the sad statistics many shelters have, but lucky for Sunshine, the Chihuahua Whisperer found her.


Tammy is a compassionate individual who found she had an affinity for comforting this tiny breed, and when she saw Sunshine, she knew exactly what to do. Only 60 minutes later, Sunshine was happy as can be, getting love and giving kisses.

After being fostered for eight months by Tammy, Sunshine went to her forever home! With her amazing Chihuahua whispering skills, Tammy decided to open her own rescue, Peace, Love, and Doggy Paws Rescue, Inc. Thanks to this wonderful lady, the scared dogs in the shelter will have a fighting chance for a lifetime of happiness!