As the opening of this video states, sometimes the little things that matter most. In this story, that little thing is a Hummingbird who was found motionless on the ground after flying into a closed window.

While countless cleaning products tell us that having “streak-free” windows is the ultimate goal of the modern homeowner, these spotless windows pose a serious danger to birds. If there are no streaks on a window that indicate to a bird that there is, in fact, a barrier between them and that delicious looking pie sitting indoors, they are likely to fly straight into the glass. If you’ve ever been hit in the face with a glass door, you know how disorienting this can be!

Thankfully, this Hummingbird flew into the window of a kind human. After noticing the bird, this person stayed with the bird until she was revived and could fly away on her own.

Although this story and the video is heart-warming and cute, we do not encourage our readers to try and rescue wildlife. Handling wildlife interferes with the balance between wildlife populations and their habitat and could lead them to be reliant on humans for survival, amongst other problems. If you find an animal in need, contact a local wildlife rehabber/rescuer or veterinarian ASAP, or call a rescue hotline. Here are some that might help!