As animal lovers, there is nothing that we won’t do to lend a hand to another living creature in need. Helping a lost cat find its way home or donating supplies to a local animal shelter are absolute no-brainers for animal lovers, but helping out an injured or lost wild animal can be a little bit more difficult.

As a rule, it is always best to let these animals be and contact a professional wildlife rehabilitator if you find one in need of assistance. These animals aren’t used to interacting with humans in the same way that cats or dogs are, so although you might intend to help them, approaching or touching these animals without proper training can be dangerous for all parties involved.

The man in this video, however, had no choice but to step up to assist a hummingbird who was trapped in his home. After attempting to corral the bird and get it to fly outdoors on its own, he had no choice but to capture it. As you can see, the hummingbird’s reaction to his human rescuer is a bit unusual, the man feared the bird had a heart attack or succumbed to extreme exhaustion – things that a trained wildlife rehabber would be able to prevent, or at least understand. Thankfully, all this little guy needed was a quick drink to regain his strength before he could safely fly away.

If you ever find yourself in a situation like this one, check out this list of rescue hotlines to contact before stepping in to lend a hand.

A big thank you to this kind man and good luck, hummingbird!