This winter has been brutal for many, as the Polar Vortex has made quite a few visits south into the United States. This weather pattern has brought extreme cold, snow, and now frozen lakes. Unfortunately, it’s been so cold, even animals are getting into trouble when it comes to the icy landscape.

But like the guy in Norway who braved freezing water temperatures to save his dog after falling through the ice, other humans are stepping up to give animals a helpful hand in this cold world. James and his father are two such men, and they came to the rescue of deer stuck out on the ice of Albert Lee Lake in Minnesota.

When James saw a Facebook post about deer being stuck out on the lake, he immediately took action with his father. There were three deer (only two featured in the video below) that had gotten stuck out on the ice and couldn’t stand up to walk back in. What makes this rescue even cooler is that they used hovercrafts to get the deer to shore!

James even filmed the whole rescue with a GoPro camera, giving you a front row seat to the awesome rescue below!