There is something seriously disturbing about anyone who abuses or harms animals for fun. We cannot fathom why anyone would take pleasure in hurting an animal and it tears our hearts out when we see such cruelty occur.

Recently, a video appeared online of a dog tied up in a crucifixion position and repeatedly bombarded with cigarettes and shoes. The horrific footage was shared on WhatsApp and Facebook, showing the poor animal writhing in pain. As the dog whimpers and tries to cover his face, the crowd is heard laughing and playing music, amused by their sick thrill.


Laxmi Agarwal, from Mumbai, posted the video on Facebook, with a plea to find the cruel people who did this. “Please make this video viral. This video was received on WhatsApp. We need to find the location and details of [the] culprits. Please share.”

While this footage is heartbreaking to watch, it is important to share so that the perpetrators of this abuse can be caught and brought to justice. No animal deserves to be treated with such cruelty. While it is unclear where this video was taken, the more it is shared, the more likely these individuals will be caught.

Instances like this are prime examples as to why animal cruelty needs to be taken seriously. In the U.S., the Federal Bureau of Intelligence recently started investigating cases of animal cruelty. These reports will be categorized as “crimes against society,” and  regarded as Group A felonies, a grouping which also includes murder, arson, assault and drug trafficking. This new classification will hopefully help justify harsher sentences.

We can all help animal victims by speaking up for those in need. If you ever come across a case of animal abuse, report it to law enforcement to help officials track and prevent these crimes. There are also many other ways to take action for abused animals. To learn more about how to identify animal abuse and neglect and what to do if you suspect cruelty or witness it, read this article. We warn you that the footage is difficult to watch, but if you can help identify these individuals, we encourage you to share it.


We can only hope that the sick people who hurt this poor dog will be prosecuted for their act. Please share this article so that these people can be caught!

All image source: Facebook