Greenpeace has just launched a major new campaign – including a petition and a YouTube video – aimed at forcing cosmetics giant Proctor & Gamble to acknowledge the role they are playing in the ongoing deforestation of Southeast Asia.

Joao Talocchi, Greenpeace palm oil campaigner, said in a recent press release that by supplying palm oil from companies that engage in illegal forest clearance, “Proctor & Gamble is making everyday Americans complicit in the destruction of rainforests.” He added that since “household names like L’Oréal, Nestlé, and Unilever have already promised to clean up their supply chains,” there is “no reason for P&G not to follow suit.”


“Greenpeace has been warning P&G about the devastating effects of irresponsible palm oil production since 2007,” Talocchi went on. “There are ways of producing palm oil that won’t destroy the habitat of the last remaining Sumatran orangutans and tigers. As an organization that buys thousands of tonnes of palm oil each year, P&G can be part of the solution by insisting on palm oil that’s 100% free of forest destruction.”

Greenpeace states that Indonesia’s forests are disappearing at a rate of “more than nine Olympic swimming pools each minute, with palm oil being the biggest driver of forest destruction” – a pretty bleak picture, by anyone’s standards.

However, a previous Greenpeace campaign aimed at agribusiness giant Wilmar met with success after the company finally pledged to eliminate deforestation from its production lines in December. Kellogg Company and Hershey’s have also announced their intentions to source only sustainable palm oil in recent months … so there is some light on the horizon!

By showing P&G that they will not stand for dirty palm oil, consumers everywhere can make a difference to the lives of threatened tigers and orangutans. So sign and share Greenpeace’s petition today, and be sure to check out their campaign video below: